Hai fiends

I want to disable the righ click option in my web application.
How to hide the right click option usong php?

Please send me any idea.


Hi I got the solution

I am using javascript to solve my issiue

Use this link


1) Glad you realized you can't do that with PHP as it is only a server side language

2) You do realize that blocking right click can be easily defeated, makes people more likely to do whatever it is you don't want them to do, and makes your site look crappy and unprofessional?

You do realize that blocking right click can be easily defeated

...and often only works with Internet Explorer?

Yes i its working IE only

The JavaScript technique only stops amatuers. A user can either disable JavaScript or just look at the HTML code to copy your content or get a path to your images.

There is only one true way to protect whatever it is you are trying to protect and even then someone always thinks of a way around it ..

Basically encrypt your html/php with a proper encrypt program like ioncube or zend, then get yourself a php programmer to build you a script that will encrypt and decrypt the page(s) as an admin function, this script should also allow the ability for the encryption to change each time the page is loaded or in this case each time it is viewed.. this is possible but I wont say its 100% foolproof..


There is only one true way to protect whatever it is you are trying to protect...

Yeah, it's called not putting it on the Internet. If you put it online, someone can take it from you for free. The level of difficulty in doing so will vary, but you can't stop it. If you don't want other people to have it, don't put it online.

Well again there are things you can do and yes you can make it hard as heck for some people but yeah nothing is 100% foolproof.

Having the attitude "well if you dont want someone to have it then dont put it online" dont help anyone, the original poster asked a question so instead of shooting down any hope why not offer suggestions ...

Here I will expand on my post and again I am not saying this is perfect or this is the solution to everybody's problem about protection.. This does not use ioncube nor zend and I am sure some programmers could hack away at it .. but some protection is better than none..


This is a simple little script that changes the encryption each time the page is loaded..


Then there's the Tom Carlson of Obsolete Computer Museum method. He has a rather simple security system in place, with the idea that if someone breaks it it's not a big accomplishment.

Of course, he's not protecting any sensitive data (that we know of.)

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