Can anyone tell me why, after running a script is supposed to send over 15,000 emails, the email goes directly to C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Badmail without sending the email?? In the past after running the script I would be able to view the email in the Queue folder. However, that was way before the email list got to be so big... back when it was maybe in the small hundreds? Could that be one of the reasons why? Because the list is so large now? It works on the Win2K server just fine, just not on this local WinXP Pro test machine. Please advise.


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Have you set up SMTP service to route the mail?

If not, obtain the ip address of your ISP's SMTP server.
open IIS admin control and right click the default smtp server.
On the delivery tab, click the advanced button.
put your isp's smtp server ip address in the Smart host box, BUT PUT IN IN IN SQUARE BRACKETS... eg. []
Tick the box to attempt direct delivery before sending to smart host.

It may also be worth checking you have a valid to, and from address, as this often chokes cdonts.

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