I want to create a tool for my website that convert word document to html form and vice versa. I don't know the process how it works. I wnat to make it in JS, PHP or codemirror. I dont know how and where to start.


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Think about how you do this now. Then automate that in your backend. Remember that ideas about this are within easy reach i.e. research so I won't duplicate that here but note the usual how I tackled such in the past.

Well Javascript is primarily a front-end language, and it would make it hard to do that type of conversion. PHP is a back-end language, in which that kind of conversion is possible. Codemirror is a Javascript-based front-end library used to build a code editor. DaniWeb uses it for our own post editor.

Check out https://www.phpdocx.com as it's a PHP-based bundle that lets you do just what you're asking. Note it's not free, but requires a one-time licensing fee.

commented: Neat. My bosses and clients were cheap so we used cheap/free methods in the backend. +0
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