I have some html tables on the page, and some checkboxes whose values to be highlighted on the assigned table. The example code can be seen here : https://jsfiddle.net/9kq5djwr/

What I need to do is only the assigned table values to be highlighted by that specific checkbox group. So when first checkbox group is clicked, values on table1 will be highlighted. and it goes on like that. The HTML tables have the same values, only their table id is unique and different.

This is just an example fiddle, there will be more checkbox groups and tables. I seek a way to do this automatically, without any manual change every time. since the checkbox values will be updated regularly. Can I get any help on this? please.

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I'd be glad if a jquery expert can help me with this code really.

you need to lookup the table id for the table you want to work with in your check function
store the table id in each form or elements

this basically says every td on the page

you need $(table#tableID td)

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