Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a way to add a username to confirm a seat choice for certain weeks, I already have the PHP Code to confirm the seat when choosing but on the image i would like for it to display the username so other people know its taken and by who. The seats are ordered from 1 - 10 and the dealer seat is not available.

I have an image and i know its going to require CSS, Jquery and PHP to do this.

Attached is the image for the seats. Starting at the dealer(middle top) going clockwise is 1- 10

Basically I'm going to have a popup menu that shows available seats, if a seat is taken, ill hide it with my PHP code so its not selectable. Its going to be based on a date so every week it will change.

I am not sure if this is actually possibe using a static image or if I am going to have to create a new image using indesign or flash or something.

Any ideas would be great, im not looking for complete code just an idea of how to get started.


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