Help please. Can pay a bit for the right person.

I need a set of moderators on a vbulletin board to be able to send announcements or start a thread on multiple forums at once. At present announcements are either global, or forum posted one by one. Nothing in between.

Board is not yet booked as it depends on getting this feature sorted.

Would really prefer the function to be new threads starting as they have more functions esp can have Replies.
Replies on the duplicate threads must be specific to the forum they are written in. That is I don't want just a root announcement/ new thread message that clones itself but stays as one root item. Each new ann. or thread message must then act independently with replies or whatever as if they were posted separately.

I just don't want to send several batches of 15 separate announcements every week! and nor do my moderators.

There is a built in feature to Copy Threads, which duplicates them across forums. I suspect that it shouldn't be very hard to use create a plugin which calls the existing copy thread function when certain conditions are met, within the post thread hook. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it myself.