I have been searching for what seems to be forever now for an all-inclusive resource site that can provide information on embedded video controls using javascript. I have seen many sites that use javascript to control such video functions as play, stop, subtitling, and first-frame image. Can anyone possibly direct me to a source that has a complete list of all javascript calls to every video function and property? I know that there aren't any standards for javascript other than the ECMAs and there is probably different calls between IE and NS, but I need a starting point to do some research.

Thanks in advance all !

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could you please give an example of a site?

could you please give an example of a site?


well, firstly, you can look at Cnet.com's video section to see a flash version that everyone seems to be using since macromedia/adobe provides a simple solution if you purchase thier extremely expensive product, but there also exists a html/javascript version without all this insane overhead at cbsnews.com. the vid section of cbsnews is at the right-side of the page and is controlled only with javascript. the project that i'm working on can't afford for the overhead of flash or any other 3rd-party solution so I am stuck with Javascript controlling. I took a look through MSDN for the Windows Media Player object to find a complete list of functions and properties that can be set from outside the application, but came up short again.

Thanks again for any assistance all !

well i found what you want, i accidently stumbled on it while looking up some other things.

the url is http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnwmt/html/adding_windows_media_to_web_pages__etse.asp


<TITLE>Embedded Windows Media Player 7 Control</TITLE>
<OBJECT ID="Player" width="320" height="240"
  <PARAM name="URL" value="http://WebServer/MyFile.wvx">
  <PARAM name="uiMode" value="none">
<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="BtnPlay" VALUE="Play" OnClick="StartMeUp()">
<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="BtnStop" VALUE="Stop" OnClick="ShutMeDown()">
   function StartMeUp ()

   function ShutMeDown ()
 On error resume next
   Player.URL = ""
   if err then msgbox "You need Windows Media Player 7. Go to" & chr(13) &_
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