hi all this is steve burrus and I seem to have a problem with my copy of apache 2.2, integrated into PHP, being able to have its' port bind well enough for it the apache server to start up. :sad: Can someone plz help me with this?

are you using the server as a "real" server or as a localhost testing server? with a localhost server, just peek into your httpd.conf file, and set the "Listen" value to something else on (and then restart apache)

I was installing apache, and ended up with 3 instances of the server running.. So, I set the first to "Listen", the second to "Listen" and the third to "Listen"...

obviously, to access each server, i had to use http://localhost:81 http://localhost:82 for the ones that weren't on port 80....

only reason I had that going is because I couldn't be bothered to restart my box... in general when I run apache I try and get it on

did you run an apache instance and couldn't stop it?

do you run a firewall? if you do, you may need to allow apache to listen to a port.

do you run *nix? if you do, you need to be a superuser to start apache,,

EDT: oooh yeah.. the actual error would be helpful ^_-