how do I send a text file to a printer connected to the client's computer.

I have a app. running currently with internet explorer only browsers. I constructed some texts based on the inputs from the user and need to (a) save it on the client file system (b) send the saved file to the printer attached to the client system for printing.

The Security implication is understandable and could be relaxed without fear or threat. if cookies could solve this problem, I cannot successfully implement this with it (cookies).

Here is the whole scenario, (if you wish), I am working with specialized terminals running on windows XP embedded. I have been able to port my app on the server runing on IIS v5 and the terminals can navigate to it successfully. The challenge here to accept input from users, construct this input into a text file save it on the file system on the terminals and then send this file to the specialized printer located and connected to the terminal. Suggestions would be highly appreciated. It would be LIFE SAVING!!!

This has been solved. I used windows script host and the filesystem object on the server side thanks

I created text file in server system, but i have installed printers in my local system. I want to print server side text file from my client side printers.

Plz help me..

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