i need to be able to do that. im designing a website for a company and they asked that their be a search engine for people that come to their site and well wanna search for a product and such.

Tools Using to Build Site:

all the tools that Come with MX2004 W/ Flash.

ive seen alot of sites that use a built in google search engine, but thats not what i want. i wanted to build this one myself or at least find a good snipit for one so that i could modify it for their needs. thanks in advanced to any help that anyone can offer. :)

does anyone know how to build a search engine for a site? like i see the google integrated ones, but i wanted to see how it was done just for a small site because i didnt want to use the cookie cutter google version.

The google search inside a site is very expensive when you use the google search appliance (like macromedia does). Writing your own search is tedious because you have to wrtie search algorhythms. Your best bet is to go to hotscripts and mod a free one (like I did).

Tools Using to Build Site:

all the tools that Come with MX2004 W/ Flash.

Are you using some sort of application server? I would assume you're using ColdFusion MX because a developer version comes with the MX 2004 CD. If you're not, and are using something like PHP, read this to give you an idea:


Also look at: http://www.hansanderson.com/php/search/

Writing a search engine can take a lot of work depending on your requirements, so I suggest you just take one from hotscripts.com to save time. If you are using ColdFusion, you can use the Verity engine that comes with it, and you won't have to write much code. It would also be faster than if you had written it yourself in ColdFusion too.

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