I'm following a shopping cart tutorial and this snippet is confusing. I have a vague idea, but can some one pls explain what this means?

// setting up the web root and server root for
// this shopping cart application
$thisFile = str_replace('\\', '/', __FILE__);
$docRoot = $_SERVER;

$webRoot = str_replace(array($docRoot, 'library/config.php'), '', $thisFile);
$srvRoot = str_replace('library/config.php', '', $thisFile);

define('WEB_ROOT', $webRoot);
define('SRV_ROOT', $srvRoot);

What are web and server roots?


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The webroot is the top level directory where files will be served to the web. For instance the directory structure may look like this:


In this case only files in public_html/ would be available to the people browsing the site. Also in this case I think they may be looking for a string to append to the begining of urls so the links in template files would point to the right place.

I think the server root in this case is probably the file path to the files used by the shopping cart.

In a more basic sense, the author doesn't expect the shopping cart to be placed in the top level directory and needed a way to determine what subfolders it is in.

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