I have a lot of skins I want to display on my website, each with their own page. (a lot meaning like, 40)

I have the idea to create a form where I enter the desired filename and other information about the skin I want to inclue (date, description, etc.)

What I would like advice on is how to actually write the file (fwrite, fputs, etc.) being that it will be around 4K. I also need to have php functions embedded in the file which call my download and rating scripts.

http://www.nikuki.com/sfiles/an_inthemood.php is how I want each page to look.

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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I know it's 8 years too late if you have solve this issue that you are having.

I can see why someone wouldn't answer this question 8 years ago. You are asking 2 different question.

1) You want submit like 40 skins color of your website by form.
2) You want to write it on txt file.

For #1 you need to learn to create a <form>


For #2 you need to learn to create a file from PHP

Try this:


or this: