Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I have a question about Microsoft Sharepoint that I cannot seem to find.

I am wondering if it is possible, for example, to add a link to the quick launch sidebar where this link only shows up for certain users or members of groups. For everyone else, it would not be there.

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It's not functionality that comes out of the box, but I believe you can do this. Let me divide your question into two parts.


First of all, each page in a Sharepoint site is ultimately an asp.net page. This fact opens up a lot of possibilities.

A) You can edit these pages by connecting to the website using MS Frontpage. (I think MS is deprecating Frontpage, but there's supposed to be a replacement.) Anyway, this allows you to write server side code.

B) You can develop your own web part and insert it into your page. This page is a good starter on how to create a web part.

So, this part is up to you. You need to know/find out how to write code which will run in sharepoint, and there are may forums out there to help you on this.


Yes, you can hide/display controls based on who logged in. Simply put, all you are going to do is write an "if" statement which says if a user is valid, then show the control, otherwise hide the control. In asp.net, this would be something along the lines of

if (theUserAuthorizaion == valid) {
  theControl.Visible = true;
} else {
  theControl.Visible = false;

Now, in order to help you more, I need some specific information.

Tell me a little bit about your Sharepoint infrastructure. Is this an internet or intranet environment? Is your Sharepoint instance based on Active Directory users?

This is important because you need to capture some information about the user and determine if they pass the authorization test.

If you have any e-book on sharepoint please forward it to me.