here 2 of us doing a same project, with tomcat to ling jsp page from my system to my friends system 4 accesing data from that page......please suggest me the solutions..............

what do you want to do?
Use properly formated English for your questions, as it is written it makes no sense at all.

i wanted to access jsp file from other system to my system. how can i access.
myself and my friend doing one hr project. we both working at diffrent system with tomact server. i wanted to link one jsp file from my system to other jsp file which is at other system.
how can i do this. and how to share same tables which are in one system.

is it we have to create same table, dsn in both two systems. are is their any alternat process for this.

please help me for this.
thanking u.

You can't, at least not if you want to treat the JSP on the other machine as part of the weg application on yours.

You can of course make http calls to it and process the results in some way.

But you shouldn't do any of that (let alone database access) using JSPs, it's not what they're meant for.

then how can i link 2 or more jsp pages for compliting same project..

"Linking" 2 or more JSPs is not the problem. Most projects contain many JSPs, Servlets, Beans, Tags, Listeners, and other components. The problem is attempting to use them from two different machines. They need to be part of the same application.

Eidt: But, as mentioned above, you can, using HttpUrlConnection (or HttpClient from apache, etc) have one call the other and use the response.