<div id="sidebar">
<logic:present name="userVO">
<logic:iterate id="element" name="userVO" property="features" indexId="i">
<a href="<bean:write name="userVO" property='<%= "featuresLinks["+ i +"]" %>' />" class="sidebar"> <html:image src="<bean:write name="userVO" property='<%= "imagePaths["+ i +"]" %>' />"/> </a>
<version data="11.01.04svp1"><sysinfo data=""></sysinfo></version>

I am trying to place a link with an image. However, I am getting run-time exception that says "equal symbol expected" in the expression.. It points to 'O' in userVO in the image:src
I am totally lost on why I am getting this error.. and any help/pointers in this regard will be much appreciated.

I'm not too familiar with JSP at the moment. But you are confusing your HTML code with your interpreted code... I presume that JSP is parsed once. So you shouldn't include JSP tags inside other JSP tags.

I think the error it is reporting is that it thinks that "<bean:write name=" is the value of the src attribute. I think this isn't a problem in the a tag, because that tag is an html tag and not a JSP rendered tag.

instead of <html:image> use <img>.

actually I think this will work, but its not really knowledge, google should explain it better. which is probably a good idea ;-)

<html:image> can in fact be correct, depending on the tag libraries in use.
It will likely generate an <img> tag based on its parameters.

But yes, the nesting of tags CAN be problematical. Especially when you're nesting custom tags with JSP taglets and scriptlets you're asking for trouble (nesting tags within a single tag library is usually fine).