can anybody tell me how i can upload a file without user interaction.the file full path is known and can be hardcoded.there will be a button on page when user press it the file should be uploaded.

Active-x i sone solution but for that the user have to low down his/her security settings which is not possible in this case.

any solution?

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Are you actually saying you don't want to use ActiveX to do it? because uploads can be done without that by using an input of type="file" and a form enctype="multipart/form-data".

Doing this yourself is a lot of work but ABCUpload is a server side component for ASP that will do it for you.

Accessing the users drives with just a button is not the kind of behaviour we would wish for in a browser.


Think about it. If this were allowed, then if someone wanted to, he could steal any of the web user's files from his hard disk, using a spoofed button that says it does something else.

THAT is why it is not allowed.


VB.NET programming language in Windows
Web browser control
When the page is loaded
There is a file upload control
I want the page loading time,
File upload control to upload a file with a specific path in the system user to select
Click the button to send the user to upload files to be
Namely: Auto Select Path of File in UPLOAD FILE CONTROL For Upload?
Thank you

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