it says...
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/onelastr/public_html/hyip/config/config.php on line 11

I'm very new to all this but i dont see what the problem is..
please help me.. any advice would be nice
heres the script..

define('dbHOST', 'localhost');
define('dbNAME', 'onelastr_hyip1');
define('dbUSER', 'onelastr_simba');
define('dbPASS', '...........');

define('PageAddress', '');
define('PageTitle', 'One Last Rose...A new type of HYIP Monitor');
define('AdminMail', '');

@mysql_connect(localhost, onelastr_simba, ...........) or die('<div class="error">Cannot connect to database!</div>');
@mysql_select_db(dbNAME) or die('No database!');


$PayoutMethods=array('egold'=>'E-gold', 'ebullion'=>'E-bullion', 'goldmoney'=>'Goldmoney', 'netpay'=>'NetPay', 'intgold'=>'IntGold', 'moneybookers'=>'Moneybookers');

// konfiguracja
$maxNewsHome=5; // Amount displayed news on home page
$maxNewsPerPage=15; // Amount displayed news on one page
$maxLastAddedHome=6; // Amount displayed last added programs on home page
$maxLastPayoutsHome=6; // Amount displayed last payouts on home page
$maxLastVotesHome=6; // Amount displayed last votes on home page
$maxBlacklistPerPage=50; // Amount displayed on one blacklist page
$maxProgramsPerPage=50; // Amount displayed on one page

The problem is here:
@mysql_connect(localhost, onelastr_simba, ...........)

You define some constants in the first lines, but you try to put the constant values in your connection string, instead of the constant names

you should have:

@mysql_connect(dbHOST, dbUSER, dbPASS)


ok i think i got it now.. i put 'dbhost' and it worked.. do you know what file usally has a place to define the admin log in and stuff i cant find it