hi friends.....I created a folder under webapps put 2 files 1html & 1jsp. though the html one is running the jsp one isn't. the error message:

HTTP Status 404 - /helloJSP/hello.jsp

type Status report

message /helloJSP/hello.jsp

description The requested resource (/helloJSP/hello.jsp) is not available.

I've set the JAVA_HOME (environment variable>user variable) as "D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_10"

moreover I can't view the apache tomcat inbuilt jsp source-codes, though the examples are running.

hope I've made myself clear. please help I'm stuck badly.

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I've also put a WEB_INF folder with a web.xml file in it(copied it from ROOT).

I've named the file as hello.jsp but it still showing its type as "text document", should'nt it be "JSP file"??

I can also execute & view codes of the servlet examples.

> The requested resource (/helloJSP/hello.jsp) is not available.
This error usually means the container is unable to locate file. There is some problem with the path that you specify. If your root folder is "HelloJSP", and if your jsp file is present in the root folder, you just need to type: http://localhost:8080/HelloJSP/hello.jsp Post the code if it still doesn't solve your problem since I have no idea what you are trying to do.

ok.got the jsp files being executed...but could'nt view the source code of the .jsp examples

For source code navigate to: Tomcat_Installation_Directory\webapps\jsp-examples\

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