Hi all,

I am new to ASP.NET 2.0, im learning the language for my thesis and and i would be glad of some help.

The application is a Project management tool and i have already created a login page.

Can anybody give me code to add a record to a database when i click on the button event handler?

The button would be to add a project.

Any help greatly appreciated.


well, are you using c# or vb.net, what kind of database are you using, what fields are in the database, what textboxes, dropdowns etc are you getting information from to populate said fields, are you going to insert via stored procedure or ad hoc query.

Also, if you are at the stage where you are writing a thesis, isn't it a little late to be learning a new language?

Sorry for lack of info first time. Im using VB.NET.

I am using SQL server 2005 express edition database

I have 2 text boxes to fill called Project name & Project Manager.

I also have to text box for date started and due completion date.

A drop down list called "size".

A series of radio buttons grouped together.....choose one.

A check box for approval.

I also have 2 required field validators beside Project name & Project manager. They are displayed through a valiation summary at the bottom of the web page.

In my database i will have 4 fields.

Project Name
Project Manager
Project Size
Date Started
Due Completion Date
Approval Yes/NO

Thanks for your reply...hope i have provided with all your information. If you need anymore please ask.

The reason im a bit late is i got an extension.....broke my leg!!!