hi there im very new at web site building and have built a few basic sites over the last year with the help of a couple of online html tutorials and dreamweaver.
im at a stage where i feel i can build a site that seems to look and run ok although im not that confident and deffinatly no proffesional.
my question is i want to build a site for a friend of mine and he wants a news page he can update himself weekly.
will he need to get a copy of dreamweaver and an ftp program to do this or is there another way to do it, eg php.
the problem is im struggling to build a basic site so how will i learn php, any good basic tutorials worth looking at or is there another way round this.

these are the sites i have built and would build a similar site to mckillsurfboards for my mate who wants the news page.
thanks in advance rob

Why not try to use an existing CMS for this? That way they can update their content and you don't have to learn PHP to accomplish this?

If you know other web programming languages, then no, you don't have to learn PHP to do this. This simple "update" script can take a lot of time to do, but you can find ones already written online. (Tom Carlson used a "Guestbook" script for years on the Obsolete Computer Museum Helpline. You could use a blog script if you wanted.)

As for FTP programs, almost every platform (including Windows, OS X, and Linux) includes a FTP program. The commands are basically the same for each one, and there's a tutorial for the Windows one here: http://www.uncreativelabs.net/howtos/ftp.htm (This is a plug, I wrote it.)