Hi, I have two images, one looks like the up arrow button of a vertical scrollbar and the other looking like the down arrow button of a vertical scrollbar.

I want that when an user clicks on the up arrow button the contents of a table to scroll up and when the down arrow button is clicked the contents of the table to go down.

Please help!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance

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do you want the contents to move one click at a time or similiar to a scroll bar. if a scrollbar. why not use a <div style="overflow:scroll;"></div>

im guessing you could do an

  <script language='javascript'>
    function move(amount) {
      val margin = document.getElementById('content').style.marginTop();
      amount = parseFloat(margin) + amount;
      document.getElementById('content').style.marginTop= amount.toString() + 'px';
  <p><a href="#" onclick="move(5)"><img src="up"></a>
  <a href="#" onclick="move(-5)"><img src="up"></a></p>

      <td id="content"><p>blah blah</p></td>

this is untested so i dunno but i rekon thats a basis of what you should do.

hope it helps

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