Ok, I'm an amateur Computer Graphics artist, as in I don't make money off of it, but I plan to make it a career, I've been reading some different lit on the subject and it suggests making a digital portfolio. (ie. a website) One source suggests that I should use Flash to make a more "interactive" site, with animated drop-down menus and such, but currently, I have no Idea how to use flash. Does anyone know of a tutorial recoucre and possibly a free/open source Flash creation program? On another note, would Java be more suited for the job or should I try to learn Flash?

Your help and advice is greatly appreciated,


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> free/open source Flash creation program
Flash is a proprietary software, you would need to buy it.

> On another note, would Java be more suited for the job or should I try to learn Flash?
You are being very vague here. Its like asking whether you would prefer salt or sugar. Both are an integral part of your daily meals. Its the same here.

Flash is a client side technology, used for adding presentation and animation to your site. Java when used in the form of Servlets, JSP's and EJB's contribute to the server side scenario of a site.

The minimum requirements to make a site are:

  • HTML
  • Client Side scripting (almost always Javascript)
  • Server side scripting (Java Technology/ .NET / PHP / Python etc.)
  • Anything else which would help you in adding value to your site.

Try to do some research on what kind of site you would like and come up with a more specific question. You might get a specific answer.

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