I would be grateful if anyone could help me
i need a reviews and a news script for my gaming website written in php and sql
i want a reviews,and a news script. i mean i want a script that will allow me to add reviews and some other editors to ad reviews or news. but it shoud not be like i have to create a new html page every time for a review but it should something like each review or news will have its own id and when you wil open it it will open like this or something like that anyone willing to help me and plz give me the link if there is any script not exactly like this but like this for me do download and i might edit it a bit with your help of course :P :D

and if noone can do it for me for free than i think i can make the databse then i would want to know that how many scripts i will need and what each script will do so that i can try to make it myself if noone is willing to do it :P

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what noone? in such a big communtiy no one?

make your own?
look in the tutorials area...

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