I am running a homeowner's association website (1 page only).
The manager asked if I might be able to allow her access
to make announcements from time to time.
I think this would be a good idea, but I don't want to give her
carte blanche access to the entire page. Also, I am assuming she does not know html.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way this could be done?
I really (really!) want to keep this simple -- that is, no databases, no mysql, no cms, etc. I am doing this on a voluntary basis, and so I don't have an abundance of time to devote to this project.
Perhaps a way for her to go to a password-protected page, where she could write her info into a form, then in turn have it write to an html page (say, manager.html) that I could present on the main index.html page as an i-frame. It should be non-destructive (that is, now content should not over-write previous), but she should be able to manually edit all content.
This is one way, but I am open to suggestions.
Again, the simpler the better.

Thanks :)


If you are thinking of linking from your main index to her page would it not be possible for her to set up a free blog which you could link to instead & have her blog link to you. I say this as it is much easier to post announcements from a blog.

Hi there,

Thanks for the speedy reply.
I really want the content she writes to not be a link, but to instead (somehow) show up on my own index.html page.
Also, I really didn't want to get into creating/administering blog stuff....

You can set up a text area on your web page, the way it is done on blogging sites, with two text fields for username and password which would be known to the one who wants to post announcements. After that, its a simple case of validation and updating the page from the database.

The same can be done using DHTML if you are not using any server side language.

What do you guys think of this solution?:

include "password_protect_page.php";

$open = fopen("testit.txt","w+");
$text = $_POST['update'];
fwrite($open, $text);
echo "<div style='font-family:tahoma,sans-serif;background-color:#7fa3df;border:1px solid #000000;padding:10px;color:#f0f0f0;line-height:175%;font-size:12pt;'>";
echo "File has been Updated.<br />";
echo "File Now Reads:<br />";
$file = file("testit.txt");
foreach($file as $text) {
echo $text."<br />";
echo "<p style='color:#f0f0f0;'><a href=\"./\">click here to view the live updated webpage</a></p>";
echo "<p style='color:#f0f0f0;'><a href=\"./edit.php\">click here to edit again</a></p>";
echo "</div>";
$file = file("testit.txt");
echo "<form action=\"".$PHP_SELF."\" method=\"post\">";
echo "<textarea Name=\"update\" cols=\"50\" rows=\"10\">";
foreach($file as $text) {
echo $text;
echo "</textarea>";
echo "<input name=\"Submit\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Update\" />\n

Note at top: "Includes" Links to password-protect script

Thats not bad, Have you tried it on your index page yet?