How can I use variable from the outside of the class? For example:

   $outside = 'Hello';

   class A {
       function printme() {
           print $outside;

   $cls = new A();

How can I do it? please :D

Hi. You can use :

function printme() {

           global $outside;
           print $outside;    }

- Mitko Kostov

Yes.. because within a function, it has it's own scope issues, if you use the global keyword, you can access vairables/stuff outside the scope of this function.

Thus, doing a global of your $outside vairable, makes it local within your function.
However, if you change the value of $outside, it will be changed globally, not locally in the function...

Another method would be passing the $outside variable as a paramtere to the function like so..

$variable = "hello";
function printme($variable) {
    print $variable;

Any questions. just ask.

Another question:

class A{
		public $msg = '';

		public function set_msg($new_msg) {
			global $msg;
			$msg = $new_msg;

	$message = new A();
	$message->set_msg('Hello World');
	print $message->msg;

Why this code doesn't work as what I expect

Worked!!! Thanks you... sorry to ask many question... :D
But I am really new at that CLASS system in PHP :D thanks

Yes, that's correct.

You've declared $msg as an instance variable of the class, so to refer to it you would do $this->variable.
Same if u have another function in the same class, you could call it by doing $this->function();

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