Hi, everyone
I am new to asp.net and just installed asp.net in my computer(on windows xp pro sp1). but when i created a asp file and requested in a browser, it couldn't run properly. here is the code:
<h1> The date is <% Response.Write(DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString()) %>

It only display the plain text "the date is" in the browser, but not the current time. (which means it didnt execute code). So frustrated :confused:

How can i fix this? Can someone please teach me, please? Thanks so much!!!!

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i think the IIS is not regiterted with asp.net..

just goto command prompt and run this C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\Ur Framework Version\aspnet_regiis.exe -i to register with iis

and then restart IIS and try to run it.. hope it will work now


Hey my friend, I see you have win xp pro with sp1. I had the same problem. and I just installed sp2 and it worked really nice. why don't you try to install sp2 then iis, the freamwork and finally asp.net

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