just i finishd java-j2ee course. i wanted to do one project using jsp. i dont have idea how to start as a beginner which project i ca n do. i want full support while doing th eproject for doubts. plz anybody can help me? Iam ready to do hard work.

Are you after like a full on paying project? or something as a hobby?

More likely the second option with addition of possibility to pass his module and get some degree

maybe a grammar checker? You do seem to be in serious need for one.

Are you after like a full on paying project? or something as a hobby?

just i want to learn to do project. just for experience

i dont have experience to do project

Yeah, well if you want experience, why not just start building something for yourself? That would probably interest you more than suggestions from others.

oh i want to learn to do project- for that u worte i believe. i didnt observe after writing. i did mistake i saw after u said. dont insult others.evry one has some drawback.grammer checker is not necessary. i can correct myself

you got suggestions. Instead of taking them up you start slagging what appear to be (given your terrible English it's hard to be certain) abuse at the people giving you suggestions.

If you think that's going to make those people eager to help you more you are gravely mistaken.

Start off with a simple project of creating a 'simple login page'. The user input would be validated against the values in the database. After you finish this, let us know so that we can suggest you better and tougher exercises.

Considering that you have already completed your course, I am sure you must be knowing how to go about this project.