plz tell me how use soap in php .........

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I have absolutely zero SOAP experience but was able to use NuSOAP with the Google API awhile back with no problem. It was very straight forward.


So...anyone have any experience using PHP SOAP with complex data?


<element attribute="string>

How would I fulfill these soap input requirements in PHP?

SOAP - Error: Parsing WSDL: not found in 'PATH / to / your / WSDL'"

This error occurs because some versions of PHP SOAP client user name and password that you input parameter as the option to SoapClient manufacturer did not have to. U like this need to pass credentials in the URL of the Web service:
$ = SoapClient new SoapClient

Huh? I was asking about complex soap calls, not a credentialing error.

if you need to clean your code you shouldn't use soap, it removes strings..

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