i am a new comer in PHP and i have to upload a file in my php web form. I have read some tutorials in which they mentioned that when we go to upload a file in php it saves by default in a temporary directory and after that we move or copy that file into our mentioned directory or folder. The name of that temporary folder / directory can be change in php.ini file.

My question is that how to access to php.ini file and how do i change it? Please help me if anyone having command on php.

Thank you in adavnce,
Noman Soofi

Are you running PHP on windows or linux?

i m running this script on PHP not windows not linux

You are running PHP on an operating system, which one is it ?

I need this information as well - I need a page that users can upload and download a file. I'm pretty green at PHP - is there a reference or tutorial I need to study?



Oh yeah - PHP on Linix for my development, but possibly PHP on Windows for production (still fighting over that one).


If your production server is on a shared hosting you can't change anything in your php.ini file. Otherwise just edit the file with a text editor, save the changes and reload the server.

Besides: Linux is more suitable for PHP. Windows is better for ASP and ASP.NET

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