Having a strange problem with some PHP code.

This code:

$filename = "/u2/text/TOPAShiftlog".$dateString."_AShift.rtf";

writes the file TOPAShiftlog2007-10-26_AShift.rtf to the /u2/text dir.

I want it to write 2007-10-26_AShift.rtf to the /u2/text/TOPAShiftlog dir

so I tried this:

$filename = "/u2/text/TOPAShiftlog/".$dateString."_AShift.rtf";

This code ends up removing my "submit" button altogether. I don't understand why the / is causing the problem. Here is the meat of the code:

$filename = "/u2/text/TOPAShiftlog/".$dateString."_AShift.rtf";
     $handle = fopen("$filename","w");

$message = "Station Log ";
$message = $message."Date: ".$date1[$i]." \n"	;
$message = $message."\n\n";

	if(!fwrite($handle, $message)){
		print "Cannot write to file";
		exit; 		}
 	#print "Success, wrote ($message) to file ";
  $message = "";

  <br><input type = 'hidden' name = 'todaym' value = <?=$todaym?>><input type = 'hidden' name = 'todayd' value = <?=$todayd?>><input type = 'hidden' name = 'todayy' value = '<?=$todayy?>'>
  <input type='submit' name='Submit' value='Submit'>


Any ideas would be appreciated

The HTML code gets cut off before the end...doesn't even get to the "submit" portion of the code.

Actually seems hit or miss. I just refreshed and get a "cannot write to file error" from the php script before the submit button code. So looks like it is erroring out before getting to Submit.

It was a permissions problems. Looking at the view source pointed that out. Thanks.

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