I have a page.. call it page1. it has a button_click event that fires some sql stuff and the does a response.redirect("page2.aspx?ID=1")

page2.aspx we do some things and then click a button and that button does a response.redirect("page1.aspx?ID=1")

now.. when page1 comes back up, and i try to click on the button_click event again.. it doesn't fire. the breakpoint i have on the event never gets hit, the page does "blink" as if it did a postback.. the only thing you see is that the button gets depressed and then undepressed. i see that there is some javascript that is suppose to fire, but it doesn't.. that javascript that i'm referring to is the code the microsoft uses to fire off the button.. none of my own javascript.

does anyone have any idea what i'm doing wrong that this would happen

Can you post the code. I suspect the problem might be in creating the event handlers...

Can you use server.execute instead of respnse.redirect.
If the result is the same, send the details of your code and we take it from there.

thanks for the input.. i figured out the problem.. the page is large enought that it scrolls.. when the page drew from the response.redirect from page2, the page populated with values. i had a regular expression on a textbox way up at the top.. i didn't see that it had thrown an error about what was in the box.. so the regular expression was what my hangup was...

fixed the data that was coming back into that textbox and everything fired correctly...

thanks for the responses