I want to use a slideshow on a web page, which could be implemented using either Javascript or an applet. Which on is the best option?


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JavaScript. It is supported by default at clients' machines (if client has not disabled JavaScript), but applets are not supported any more by windows, so, client must search somewhere and install Java suppore to his machine so that to be able to see your applet.


> but applets are not supported any more by windows,
Says who?

You just need the Java runtime environment (JRE) to run applets on you machine.


Java applets and their use thereof died a long time ago - may they rest in piece. Flash is the preferred alternative, but if javascript will suffice use that as long as it is not to gimmicky.


Java still has a use, but not any more on 'popular websites'; Java is used often for graphical simulations of physics, maths, network principals - it can still be found, and it certainly works on windows, the only change is that MS don't package a proprietry JVM with Windows anymore; which is honestly a good thing for Java.

I use Javascript over Flash for most things; use Flash only if you want a microapplication completely separated from the rest of a page embedded within a page.


Thanks for the advice. I'll use Javascript.

It seems strange that Applets aren't so popular, as Java is a popular programming language. But i've never used flash so i couldn't really compare why you would choose one over the other.

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