Hello everybody,
firstly I am new in PHP, and I use the WAMP5 tools which has the following features:
i) Apache 2.2.4 (SERVER)
ii) PHP 5.2.3 + PECL
iii) SQLitemanager
iv) MySQL 5.0.41
v) Phpmyadmin
I have a table named 'tblStudent' with four fields as follow properties:
1. stID int not null auto_increment
2. stFirstName varchar(30) not null
3. stLastName varchar(30) not null
4. stPhoto varchar(250)
what I want:
after filling out the fields and also I need a button which browse the photo path, and when clicking on submit button, then everything goes into database, and also another page appears with showing the new entry data and picture with successfully completed message.

NOTE: should be mentioned, that I have a folder where I put my php files in the root, I need all the photo stores there with the name stID...
and as I told you, I am new with php, please guide me as you see suitable

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Any one here help me through this please...

Hi there,

I do not know the answer to your question, but I have a very similar question. I too am new to PHP and mySQL and am having a lot of trouble retrieving remote images through the database and displaying them.

I hope this thread is not dead and that some helpful poeple might help us,


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