Okay - there is no otherway to phrase this ...


I am not a programmer, never claimed as such... but I do use a php based CMS, which I adore - Xaraya.

So I am building a site for a client, and it's gotten to be a rather ugly beast of a site with new bits being asked for etc.

Then, to top it all off - the company who supply the News and several other items to the site inform me it is not done through an RSS Feed, but done with a POST.

Never encountered any such thing, (not being a programmer!).

So, I need a way to receive this post.

It comes in a single $var, as far as I can tell, called $xml.
within that are various items and what I assume as arrays.

There things such as <title>this is it</title>, which I assume woud be $title.
Then there are things like <this.item id="thisitem12" name="varioustexthere" />

Now, I reckon I can do somethings in php, such as testing if the $xml var is there, if so foreaching through things and pulling them apart.

What I do not know how to do is catch this thing, pull it apart and then put it into a DB/table.

Please, any advice, support, links etc. will be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, anyone who uses Xaraya who can do tis will be paid!!!

please help.

PHP had a nice build-in library called SimpleXML for parsing XML. Your client needs to have PHP5 though.

Good luck.

I found that and had a look.... if I have to attempt this,then I will - but I was kind of hoping I could hire someone to assist.

I can provide a copy of the XML that would be Posted, and I can supply the $vars I would want it turned into.

Basic XML parsing is not really that difficult if you just get in and play with it. It's well worth your time to learn it.

It the case of not having the time (did I not mention that? ;) )