Hi gang,
I've been browsing through the net, looking at Calendar and Tell-a-Freind scripts. The choices are many, each with its own respective Pros an Cons.

I' m using Invison for my Forum, but not sure if I will use thier Calendar. I want a Module/Block I can place on my Home page that shows Today's Events or next 5 events from actaul Calendar data. I've seen a good 3rd party one being offered for Nuke.

I just thought I would ask here to see if anyone has one of these two resources, that they are very happy with. Nothing like -- real life feedback :)


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I dont really see the point of installing a whole new script just for one feature, the calendar system that comes with IPB 2.0.x is very comprehensive and covers all the basic needs and with a few hacks applied from www.invisionize.com you can make it do what you want. By the way there is also a very good refer to friend hack available on invisionize.

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