Can anyone tell, how to detect whether PHP is installed or not? I want to find out this with the help of Registry in Windows? Is it possible?


?? its not somthing you would search the registry for, you must have a running server, and then download and set up PHP, i say setup because PHP is not somthing that installed persay.

to see if it is installed. create a PHP file like this

phpinfo(); //will display all of the phpinfo if php is installed else will print out as seen by the server

save it is. info.php

open up your web server and go to


if it works and you see info then your lucky and have correctly installed PHP if not, you have to install it.

No www mr killer typp

htt://localhost ;)

But how can i check this with the help of registry? wicthout using phpinfo()!

there is nothing in the registry about PHP i believe, because it installs nothing, and is just a matter of moving files around. and thx zachery

IIRC Killer is right :)

php is just an extention of a webserver

You spelled to wrong.

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