Hi, I am working with coldfusion a coldfusion form. There is a drop down menu with different users, ex. user1, user2, user3.
There are two list boxes.
The LeftListbox contains all values.
The RightListBox contains all values that have been assigned for a specific user.
After selecting the user and having the appropriate values on the left and right listbox, click Save. The values in the RightList box are stored in a table.
The problem I'm having is when I go to click Save, I have to select all the values in the list box for it to be saved in the table. If all the values are not selected, then the one that happens to be selected is added in the table. I don't know how to pass all the values in a list box, whether it is selected or not.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Your requirements are not very clear. What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Is it that if none of the values on the right list box is selected you need to select them all and if a value is selected, there should be no change?

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