Hello everyone,
I have a site used cars and I am thinking to implement search facility.
I need some information to implement a searching similar to autotrader. Means when people search on my site it shows cars according to closest to postcode search. Is this easy to implement. Are there any charges to get postcode list for UK.
I am not a senior php developer so what you think to implent it.

Any +ive comments, discussions , suggestions are welcome. thanks

can anyone suggest me from where i can get postcode list for UK. thanks

I know this is old but for anyone else who is viewing this topic for information.

You can get UK postcode information from the Royal Mail although it does cost some money.

You can also get postcodes from various sources, such as http://www.easypeasy.com/guides/article.php?article=64

As for implementing it, i am currently implementing a search for venues by postcode with a given distance.

I'll let you know once i'm done and how i went about it, thats if i get it done.

I'll create another topic on this forum if i can't called search by postcode and distance.