hi all,

could anyone tell the differences between asp.net and the .net framework.

hope could get a better solution.


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thanks for your help i would have considered this option before posting it in the forum, i mean studying both of them separately.

let me try to figure out the differences,
have a nice time...

They are kind of the same. When you add .net you imply you are using the .net framework. The .net framework behaves similar to Java in which it compiles down to an IL and then gets interpreted by the framework. ASP.net is the web piece of the .net framework. That is a brief overview. There is a lot more that go on with it. I hope that helps out more.

I also want to know the difference b/w asp.net and .net ?????????

As mentioned by leonpwhirl ASP.net is the web development piece of the .net framework.

.Net Framework is the platform, where the application runs. The applications are of 3 types - Windows Forms, Web and Console applications. Normally, the web application part of the .Net Framework is known as asp.net . Just look at the figure and see where the asp.net comes in .Net Framework.

it means tht .net is not the language asp.net is the language?????????

coz whn i see into newspaper its written over thr that learn .net smtime theywrite asp.net so i dnt understand wt is the difference and which 1 i should go for

it means tht .net is not the language asp.net is the language?????????

.Net is a Framework .
ASP.Net is a programming framework used to create enterprise-class Web Applications.
VB.Net, C#, Python etc are the languages.


The .NET Framework was introduced with a vision to create globally distributed software with Internet functionality and interoperability. The .NET Framework consists of many class libraries, includes multiple language support and a common execution platform. It's a very flexible foundation on which many different types of top class applications can be developed that do different things. Developing Internet applications with the .NET Framework is very easy. ASP.NET is built into this framework, we can create ASP.NET applications using any of the built-in languages.

From: http://www.startvbdotnet.com/aspsite/asp/

Break down of .NET Framework
The framework itself is a set of libraries, functions, methods, and objects that can be used to make programming faster and easier.

C#, VB, F# - All .NET based languages that can utilize the framework, in almost any medium you choose.

ASP.NET - Markup language used in conjunction with the .NET framework and it's associate languages (C#, VB) to create dynamic webpages and sites, commonly used for data-driven websites.

SilverLight - A subset of the framework as a whole, typically used in conjunction with ASP.NET but runs client side to give the user a richer more interactive experience. Is sometimes used to supplement the shortcomings of the client-server model as it is implemented by the Web, and ASP.NET.

.NET framework is a collection of ready to use classes and interfaces to create applications.There are many kinds of applications which can be created -
- Windows Services
- Windows applications
- ASP.NET web applications
- ASP.NET web services
- Palm/handheld device applications

ASP.NET is a framework inside the .NET framework specially for creating "web" based applications and services like websites,web applications,etc.

Net is a technology and .net framework is the platform which is used by different languages of the dot net

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