I like the sample here


try to click show 1 , show 2, .... (grey / green)

but I don't know how to display different content for different show --- so please help === it should be p (for 1 2 3 and 4)
just have to read the very last line of the following code

$(".handle").bind("click",function() {

                    if($('.handle[@id*='+$(this).attr("id")+"]").attr("rel") != "selected"){



                    $('#hdiv'+$(this).attr("id")).animate({className:"end"},500, 'easein'); 




            //      $(".content p").html("Lorem ipsum...CONTENT here.");


if the question is not clear, please let me know, I will put all the code download source here , thanks

I think this effect -- it is good enough for you to try out too
try to see whether you could change the word


after posting last time

I did look into it, got some 50% success

basically, in the demo, it show same text -- for show 1 , show 2 , show 3 and show 4 (exactly the same)

FAIL BIT -- I can't change the code and become a case statement -- for that file

maybe you could try and let me know


however, I bypass the MAIN file and able to get different text into show1, show 2 , show 3.. Although I got success in this method --- it will not be as cool as the ABOVE PROPOSED METHOD

for the json thing and the relative path -- - I do know how to get it right

it took me about 2-3 hr to understand the program
Now, I am looking into another program that make the menu bar look like VISTA style

yesterday, I fail to install RUBY RAIL GEMS instantRAIL -- another ajax development environment -- interested to try that??

Thanks -- let me know whether you could get some break through

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