<script language="javascript">

hi the above code display the url of the page that is load on, but i was wondering do you guys know of way to display traget windows url

for example

<form action="action.php" target="actionwindow">

this will open a new window with the hidden name actionwindow

but the page the code is write i would like to display the url of actionwindow.

humm maybe this is good example

running the page from http://yourdomain.com/index.html >then it will open a new window with a hidden name actionwindow with the url http://yourdomain.com/winner.html but i would like to display that url on the following url http://yourdomain.com/index.html or another new page

any ideas ?

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Where do you want to write the URL? In the status bar, on the page?

If you set the target url as a variable, you can echo it as you wish.. or you could just mix javascript in with your php.

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