I am developing a page with many of AJAX methods.

what i want to do is, inside a javascript function, there is a loop. inside this loop i want to call the AJAX methods and retrieve the response text.

when i do that i recieve an exception telling me that the data is not available yet. because the readyState is 1 (loading) not 4 (finish).

how can i access the response text while the readyState is 1?


you shouldn't access the response text until it is 'there',

what you should do is either wait for the request to reach the ready state 4 (best achieved by using an event listener), or set the request to syncronous, by setting the last argument in an 'open' method to false:

xmlHttp.open("GET", url, true);
<any code here will be executed as soon as the open method has been called 
xmlHttp.open("GET", url, false);
<any code here will be executed when the request is finished.

is there any reason you want to access the responseText before it has finished?

Your problem is, that the subsequent calls to the ajaxrequest are using the same global variable for the request. The posted answer is right in the point to make the calls synchronous. Other thing you can do is to use namespacing and nested functions to create new httprequest object for each ajax call.

Other thing is, you can read data partially send, but that is ready state 3 and is considered unsafe (but can be done, you just have to make sure you know what you've read and what not when the readystate changes to 4 and the rest of the data arrives). Readystate 1 means you just sent the request, but no response is back yet.