Hello all master coders,

I have been doing my site exclusivley in html. What is the big differences bewteen php and html? What are

the advantages/disadvantages? What, if any would be the penalty from going from an html site to a php site?

Would this hurt the PR I have already gotten as well as the search results? Woud it appear to be a whole

new site?

Please discuss.

Thanks in advance.

Well first of all HTML is *completely static and PHP is used to make pages dynamic since PHP is a programming language and HTML is a markup language. You still use HTML when you make websites in PHP since that's how browsers interpret the page.

It's extremely easy to incorporate PHP into an existing site. Heck, you can even keep the same pages you are using now, just add PHP functionality to the pages. I recently "converted" all of my site to use PHP and a database instead of static HTML and if I didn't have it posted on the news section you can't tell the difference in the least. PHP doesn't directly modify the look of anything unless you tell it to by outputing HTML or CSS. The only thing users might notice is the whole heap of new features that you've incorporated :)

*aside from server side includes and basic if statements

If you feel that you don't want your pages to show as .php, but you still want to have dynamic content, you may want to check mod_rewrite as an an extension to Apache (which can accept urls in "static" format and then call php locally.

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whats the point of comparing html and php??

so weird