im having a problem with this one, any help out there??

In this assignment you will use a sentinel controlled while loop to determine gross pay for any number of employees. The company pays "straight time" for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays "time and a half" for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. There will not be any deductions for taxes, etc. You are only calculating gross pay.

* Use an alert box to tell the user what your page does
* Use prompt boxes to get user input
* Get the employee name, total hours worked during the period, and "straight time" hourly pay rate
You will receive three user inputs per employee
* Calculate gross pay for each employee
* Display the employee name, total hours worked, and gross pay for each employee
* When all employee data has been entered, display the total gross pay for the period
* Your calculations should handle any number of hours worked for each employee per period (fewer or more than 40)
* Include detailed comments in your script

Do something yourself, at least show are you having problems.

>_< OR, if you're gonna ask someone to do your assignment for you; at least TRY and make it look unlike you've just typed in whatever your teacher gave you, rather; make it look like it's something you've been stuck with trying to do at work, something that isn't clearly defined as tasks for a grading scheme, at the very least edit out the word 'assignment'... Laziness and an absolute lack of deceptive creativity aren't gonna get you any help. For your own benefit; don't follow that advice.

What course are you studying, and do you have a choice about it? Because this really isn't hard stuff, to do, or learn how to do.