Hello everyone.
I am interested in building a Content Management System of my own, from scratch.
I program in PHP and MySQL pretty well, but mostly just for E-commerce and dynamic content.

I have been using blogger and wordpress as blogging programs, and notice in the admin area that you have "widgets".

It gives you a visual idea of where different "modules" will appear on your pages, but also allows you to click and drag them to move them to different areas.

My question is, does anyone know of a book or website that explains how this click and drag and save the results into the css file works?

I am also interested in other tips that have to do with building this content management system all together.

I know "why would you build one when there are so many out there", but, I have several sites that I have built from scratch that are very similar in nature, but wouldn't have worked with any of the existing CMS systems, so, I wanted to build one of my own that actually fits these sites and port them into my system.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

I also would like further understanding of creating an "install". Notice the quotes, I understand it's not like compiling, but, I will need to be able to install from a configuration file, where they can configure their username and password, and everything and then "trigger" a MySql to create the propper tables and everything.

I did some further research on my own about building the CMS.

I still am looking for a way to do widget manipulation and automatic installation and configuration.

I have resolved that I will continue to use PHP/MySQL and probably built the "shell" in XML. I assume that XML works with CSS, so that I can use CSS to manipulate the placement of everything.

So, How the widgets would work. There would be a visual representation of the page which shows where all the different "widgets" are located. You could click and drag one widget to move it's location. This particular action should then change the CSS file to reflect that this particular widget is in a new place.

Another component that I am looking to be able to create is something similar to the box which I am typing in right now. A sort of "notepad" looking thing so that when people write their content they can easily click the B to make things bold, or change the color by clicking on the A.

I have never done anything like this before, as far as the content typing goes. Where would I start? what language would I use? Would it have to translate everything to HTML and then store the HTML in the database?

Another thing I will need to learn is... I would like for the ability to make clean URLS, so that a post with the title could be located at domain.com/posts/eat_chicken.html
even though eat_chicken.html does not exist.
I know that there is a way to make this work in the .htaccess file, but, can I build my cms in such a way that it does this for me automatically?

Any help on this would be great..

I want to show multiple select box as when select of country then display state & select of state then automatic display district of related select box