I have a Navigation Menu at the top of my site that when on some pages you click a link the refreshes the page it looses all images and add one extra link


View it here (Click on the reset button to cause it)

Any Ideas

Does anybody have any ideas as this problem is starting to annoy me

to be honest, when I click the link and click reset, nothing happens besides a page refresh. But why not do a javascript to set all the fields blank and avoid the postbacks?

Post the code in order for me to look at it and provide a fix.

I have stepped through the code and all rows returned have the correct image path

Also this issue happens on both IE7 & Firefox 2
This issue only occures on a link that refreshes the page but does not navigate away

Here is the code that fill the Navigation Menu from SQL

SQLTable_L1 = Gen.GetNavigation(True, Members, "TopLeft")
For Each SQLRow_L1 In SQLTable_L1.Rows
  MnuItem = New MenuItem(SQLRow_L1("Name").ToString, "", SQLRow_L1("Image").ToString, SQLRow_L1("URL").ToString, "")

And the code that postsback

lblJoinError.Visible = False
lblLogInError.Visible = False

txtJoinEMail.Text = ""
txtJoinName.Text = ""
txtJoinPassword.Text = ""
txtJoinUsername.Text = ""
txtLogInPassword.Text = ""
txtLogInUsername.Text = ""
chkLogInRemember.Checked = False

don't know what to tell you, but it works just fine in all of my browswers, and I test over 5 of them. However, is there some reason you cannot use validators on the page, and set the reset button to an actual reset button, or use javascript? It just seems like a waste of postbacks. If this form is runat the server, which it has gotta be if you are using those asp controls, why not use the validators and javascript? Saves much more time when submitting, and saves bandwidth and process time. Otherwise, it is on your computer, as neither of my computers with all the browsers see a problem.

I have tried it on five computers and all had the same issue but i have found the solution

i have added a

If Not IsPostBack Then

to the masterpage

Oh, I figured you already had that.. as all pages should be inside a if not postback then do this statement. It saves badnwidth, memory, and processing time.

Glad to hear you solved it, although I never saw an issue on my end!