i want to bind a drop down list on the other drop down list selected index change event. i m using the following code---

function is written in a seperate js file.

this works in IE but not in Mozilla... plz give me the solution so that it will work in Mozilla also


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try moving the function to your current file and see if it fixes your problem. Also, make sure your file is included before you call the function.

if i put that function ( which is written in a seperate js file) in the same file then it works...
i have included the js file also, but if this function is written in the js then it is not working,
please solve my this problem also
and thanks 4 solving my background-color code problem...

This is because you are compiling your page before the javascript runs. Try adding the javascript to your page before you call your code. Example is below:

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
  If Not Page.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("IncludedJavascript") Then
    Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("IncludedJavascript", "<SCRIPT Language=""JavaScript"" src=""javascriptincludedfile.js""></SCRIPT>")
  End If
End If

Hi, i m using the following code but it is not working...

        Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("scriptcode","<script language=javascript src=\"scriptcode.js\"></script>");

actually that drop down is pasted on a user control and the user control is pasted on a page. i have written this code on the both page user control and the actual page, but it is not working....
what should i do???

first check to see if your code is executing correctly. add a write command right after your scriptcode src segment and run the page. If it posts, and your script isn't executing let me know.

if i write on the page
Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("scriptcode","<script language=javascript src=\"scriptcode.js\"></script>");

it shows the message hit.
but if i write the same code on the user control it doesn't show the message.

then I guess the only thing I can suggest to you is put your code on that page instead of in the include file. I've had that problem before and that was the way I solved it. Sorry that I can't be of more assistance. Try the javascript forum as well!

its ok and THANKS A LOT for that much assistance...
see u later with another problem :icon_wink:
till than bye and take care

I want to Bind data in dropdownlist by using javascript when selected index changes in first dropdown list .
Can any one give me the code for javascript

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