i have Problem with Treeview control......

i am developed one web application...

i am have many aspx page in this project..but all page undercontrol with treeview ..

i am alreay download the IE Web Controls from microsoft site..

I build the batch file then automatically created "Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll"

("C:\Program Files\IE Web Controls\build\Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll")

then i am go to add reference to this control..

then html view add this line then register this control

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ie" Namespace="Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls" Assembly="Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls, Version=, Culture=neutral" %>

<form><ie:treeview id="Treeview3" runat="server">
<ie:treenodetype ImageUrl="file:///\\system107\Webservices\THiRU\Treeimages\folder.gif" ExpandedImageUrl="file:///\\system107\Webservices\THiRU\Treeimages\folder.gif"
<ie:treenode Text="Michigan" childtype="Folder">
<ie:treenode Text="Detroit"></ie:treenode>
<ie:treenode Text="Farmington"></ie:treenode>
<ie:treenode Text="Southfield"></ie:treenode>
<ie:treenode Text="Washington">
<ie:treenode Text="Bellevue"></ie:treenode>
<ie:treenode Text="Redmond"></ie:treenode>
<ie:treenode Text="Woodinville"></ie:treenode>


this is the output


i am not having the treeview output..

there is no images in that output..

i am refered many sites but i did't find the answer

please help me.

the plus symbol images how to come

i am go to click plus image to expand the treeview format output

please help ..

reply me..

Hi Thiru....
Which version r u used in u r Proj?
I think u r using VS 2003 .....
Here U add only Parent Node ..
U Should mention child Nodes....
If u add child node then u will get collapse/Expand (+) Symbol automatically.......

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