How can I cause a block of php code be executed once using a command like the include_once();If i use this directly it includes the contents of the include file like HTML content!
What can I do?:$

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what block of code are you trying to execute?if php file then you can exclude your html content if you want to or better yet use functions.

Could i see the code to give me an idea of what you need.

Actually I made my fuction inside a loop
I a certain case it should parse only once so I thought of using the include once to do this but It printed all the contents of the included file like plain html.
I dont have the code here since I'm working in a cyber

You can execute a block of PHP code in plain text directly. I would recommend taking a look at the eval() function, as that will allow you to do what your trying to do (as far as I know).

Inside the loop:

$executed = false;

if(!$executed) {

 //  Your block of code

 $executed = true;
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