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Hello Daniweb Community, I have been talking on a couple [Facebook](http://www.facebook.com) groups such as sale pages where you post your own stuff for people to buy. Most groups like this have rules about bumping like once per day, every 12 hours etc... So it got to the point where it …

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Group, I'm trying to improve a macro in an EXCEL spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has multiple tabs (sheets), some of which have grouped rows in them. My "cleanup" routine needs to check to see if these grouped rows exist. Is there some code that does this (hopefully boolean)? If it helps, …

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I know how to create groups, the problem is that I need to create Groups with diffrent scopes. For example: Security,Universal or Distribution, Global I have found the code, but I dont understand the "enum" part. How to join two enums if I want the group (for example) to be …

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Hi All, I need desperate help. I have a group "MyGroupABC" in Active Directory (AD). In this group there are close to 100 list of users. How can i write a logic to actually to get me the list of users with their particulars details such as Name, SN, GivenName, …

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I would appreciate a snippet of code for adding groups at run-time to a listview. I am currently listing books (and stats) without groups via the following code which is executed in a loop (one pass per book title). [code] item = New ListViewItem item.Text = seq.ToString item.SubItems.Add(Mid(titlenode.Nodes(N_CSTAT).Text, 3)) item.SubItems.Add(Mid(titlenode.Nodes(N_JSTAT).Text, …

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